Docherty's Fish 'n Chips & Wee Pub

Welcome to Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub

If you’re looking for a delectable fried dish to eat with your friends and family, then we welcome you to Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub. We are a well-known eatery in Canada that was established by Ken Scott in 1983. Here at our pub, we still use Scotts’s family’s secret batter recipe that originated in Canterbury, England in 1890—making the meals we offer one of a kind!

All our ingredients are made simply and straightforwardly to preserve the natural taste of the seafood. We use only the freshest produce, as well as natural and wholesome ingredients like trans-fat free oil, herbs, olive oil and various spices from around the world. We want to ensure that you always get to enjoy the delicious and healthy meals that we offer.

Together with our high-quality service, nautical ambience, friendly and knowledgeable crew, rest assured that you are in great hands! Visit Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub to enjoy this unique dining experience.

Our values

Customers first

We do whatever it takes to continually exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of quality and care. Moreover, we carefully select the finest and freshest ingredients. Unlike other establishments, we don’t pre-cook your meal. Our commitment is to serve fresh food that is prepared only once you order. This is one of the reasons for the loyalty of our customers. 


We have a passion for what we do, and as a team, we work with pride to achieve success together.

Passionate about our people

We care about our employees’ well-being. We treat them with respect and dignity. We seek to equip them with appropriate training to further develop their skills to provide them with fulfilling careers.

Pursuit of excellence

We aim to provide high-quality food along with excellent service in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Long term vision

Given the company’s continuity and profitability, we aim to achieve the company’s long term objective goals.

Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub: Contact details

We are open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays and from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekends and holidays. 

Got some questions for us? Worry not! Our staff is always here to assist you with whatever you need. We will send you a confirmation email once your preferred date is available. If not, we will send you an alternative schedule that you can choose from. Failure to reply within 24 hours will result in the cancellation of your order. 

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