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Docherty Fish ‘n Chips: Top 2021 fish and chips you should try

When it comes to snacks, one of the best dishes you can try is Fish and Chips. With it’s toasted and well-seasoned layer slathered in delicious garlic or tartar sauce, fish and chips are one of the best dishes you shouldn’t miss out on. 

So, if you are craving this food, here are some of the best fish and chips that we can recommend to you! 

Classic beer-battered fish and chips 

When it comes to the fish batter, you wouldn’t expect beer to be one of the ingredients. However, here at Docherty, we offer a beer-battered fish cooked to perfection that will give you a mouth-watering experience. 

Moreover, we serve this meal with tartar sauce and a side of fries and delicious bits of broccoli fried in olive oil. 

Old-fashioned beer-battered fish and beer  

Sizzled in creamy butter, this fish and chips will give you a melange of flavours at the first bite. Covered in lemon, tartar, and honey sauce, this fish will make your mouth water. Moreover, we serve this dish with a side of lemon, fries, and a corn cob to enhance the flavours. 

Garlic fish and chips 

Coated in light garlic batter, this fish and chips will entice you with its golden-brown colour that will make your mouth water. 

Moreover, we serve this dish with a thick slather of sweet soy sauce and a helpful serving of tartar sauce which will enhance the flavour and texture of your fish and chips. Make this dish more interesting when you order it with a side of fries and thick lemon slices. 

Greaseless fish and chips 

If you’re worried about the greasy goodness of eating fish and chips, this dish we offer will change your mind. 

Cooked in an air-fryer, our fish and chips are greaseless but still crispy and soft on the outside. Enjoy this dish with a side of lemon and thick fries coated in basil herbs to accentuate the taste! 

Spicy fish and chips 

If you want an interesting twist to your classic fish and chips, our spicy version will add an interesting texture and flavour to our regular dishes. Seasoned with chilli powder, pepper, and paprika, this fish and chips will add an extra kick to your palette. Moreover, we offer this with a zesty tartar sauce and lemon slices on the side. 

Honey soy fish and chips 

One of our newest additions to our menu is our honey-soy flavour. With the right kick of sweet and salty our honey-soy fish and chips are best paired with drinks such as soju. Moreover, we offer this with a side of thick fries and a helpful serving of garlic mayo and tartar sauce. 

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