Docherty's Fish 'n Chips & Wee Pub

Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips and Wee Pub: Misconceptions about fish and chips

Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips and Wee Pub: Misconceptions about fish and chips 

Fish and chips have always been a traditional food in Britain and people love it for its unique but extremely mouthwatering combination. There isn’t much food out there that can offer the same health benefits and delicious taste that fish and chips have. 

The uniquely British food has recently taken the fast-food chains like a storm with its sudden rise to popularity. With people becoming more health-conscious, it is no wonder that fishy and chips have taken the hearts of many. 

Moreover, it is the fact that it can be likened to the popular food sets in fast-food chains that made it so desirable for all the foodies out there. Perhaps, it is due to its popularity that misconceptions have risen about the well-known English combo. 

Common misconceptions about fish and chips 

With the emergence of fish and chips in local fast-food chains all over the world, having a few misconceptions here and there cannot be helped. However, we’d like to clear up a few that we think are completely wrong. Here are the myths about fish and chips that you might or might not have heard of: 

  • Myth #1: Fish and chips are unhealthy 

Since fish and chips are often served in fast-food chains, people think that it is just as unhealthy as the greasy food options that they usually get. It isn’t that surprising since fish and chips are patterned to fast food meal sets. 

However, there is a healthier preparation for fish and chips. Unlike other food sets that are full of preservatives, the original fish and chips are made with fresh ingredients. It also uses less oil for frying. 

  • Myth #2: Only one type of fish can be used in fish and chips

Most people think that only cod can be used in fish and chips but that is completely untrue. Some people prepare their fish and chips differently using another variety of fish. Popular choices include the haddock and Boston pollock, both of which are tasty and delectable in their own way. 

Fish and chips: What makes it special 

Whenever you visit England, it is simply impossible to miss trying out this delicious meal. English people love their fish and chips and we’re starting to get why. If you’ve ever wondered what made such a simple dish special, then read the following to find out: 

  • The shop

Original fish and chip stalls make for the most interesting shops. Unlike any other fast food, they have a way of making the store feel cosy like you’re at the comfort of your home. Plus, the ingredients are fresh and each shop has their recipe!

  • The process

Fish and chips are traditionally fried in beef dripping or lard for a tastier experience. However, fish and chips vendors nowadays elect to use vegetable oil as a cheaper and safer alternative. Moreover, unlike fast food meals, it uses fresh ingredients that make it a healthier option.

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