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Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub: Special lunch meal offers

Looking for something to eat during your lunch break? Then look no further! Here at Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub, we have special lunch specials just for you. Check below to know more about our menu items.

Take note: All of the lunch meals below are only available from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Lunch specials

  • Yumurtalı pide

Yumurtalı pide is an egg-topped flatbread filled with cheese, pepper and tomato that is loved by children and adults alike. This first originated from the Kayseri region in Middle Anatolia where locals used to eat it on any occasion.

Additionally, it is made with soft, chewy, oval-shaped pita dough, like most traditional Turkish pita bread, and other regional pizza-like foods. If you want to fly enjoy your experience, crack the egg in the middle of each bread while it is still hot to enhance the taste. 

  • Türlü

Also known as Turkish ratatouille, türlü is a savoury vegetable stew that includes lamb or beef. Some of the veggie ingredients included in the stew are typically zucchinis, eggplants, onions, okra, green beans, and potatoes. It is also flavoured with garlic, tomato sauce, bay leaves, cinnamon, and a variety of fresh herbs. Once you order this, we recommend ordering it with steamed rice and yoghurt on the side for the best experience.

  • Bulgur pilavı

Bulgur pilavı is a healthy Turkish rice dish that is usually flavoured with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and various spices. This dish is typically served as a lunch special that we offer here at Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub. It is great to pair this with meat casseroles or dishes such as kebap, izgara, and köfte.

  • İzmir köfte

İzmir köfte is a popular Turkish lunch special that consists of köfte (meatballs), peppers, and potatoes in a simple tomato sauce. Depending on your preference, you can ask our chefs to prepare it on a stove or bake it in the oven. Before serving this dish, İzmir köfte are traditionally garnished with chopped parsley on top for finishing touch. When ordering this lunch special, we recommend pairing it with plain rice or a slice of crusty bread as accompaniments. 

Free soup add-ons

Our lunch menu items also include free soup for you to choose from. Here are some of those:

  • Turkish tomato soup 

This soup is a traditional starter dish featuring simple and refreshing flavours. Overall, this delectable dish is made up of ingredients such as roasted plum tomatoes, onions, olive oil, flour, water, and garlic.

  • Tutmac corbasi 

Compared to other soup dishes that we offer on this list, Tutmac corbasi is one of the oldest soup recipes made in the 11th century. This is usually described in ancient lexicons as a soup made of lentils, noodles, and yoghurt. While it may seem to have few ingredients, it will definitely surprise you with its refreshing and delectable taste.

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