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The different versions of Fish ‘n Chips all over the world

The different versions of Fish ‘n Chips all over the world

Everyone has their own definition of comfort food, and Fish ‘n Chips is definitely one of them. Made with boneless, perfectly seasoned fish and some sliced potatoes fried to perfection, you won’t have to ask for anything more! Enjoy amazing Fish ‘n Chips when you dine with us here at Docherty’s Pub and try some sensational flavours! 

So, if you’re a fan of this iconic dish, then you may want to try different versions of it. Luckily, you can try a bunch of variations here at our humble pub. To learn more, see some of the Fish ‘n Chips recipes we serve here at Docherty’s 

Fish ‘n Chips in the United Kingdom
The best place to try Fish ‘n Chips is in its homeland, the United Kingdom. The people in England specifically love to have this dish at any time of the day. This original version is made with cod or haddock fish and is deep-fried in batter before serving. The chips, on the other hand, are composed of sliced potatoes that are also deep-fried in oil. All of these ingredients come together with lemon and parsley. 

Fish ‘n Chips in the United States
There are some places in the United States where this dish is called a Fish Fry, because ‘chips’ mean potato chips in America. Aside from cod, the American version of Fish ‘n Chips also uses catfish and is served with some pickles, coleslaw, and some slices of lemon on top. 

Fish ‘n Chips in Korea
Korean kimchi goes well with almost anything, whether it’s a simple stew or as a side dish. However, it also pairs well with some Fish ‘n Chips. The dish is cooked the same, where the fish is deep-fried in healthier vegetable oil then served with some fried potatoes or chips. The kimchi can be served on the side or added as a flavouring for the batter itself. 

Fish ‘n Chips in the Philippines
If you’re the kind of person who likes sauces, then maybe the Filipino version of Fish ‘n Chips is for you. These are typically made with deep-fried fish sticks, chips, and served with some mayo or ketchup on the side. However, you can also ask for the sauce to be drizzled over the fish already, along with some parsley and sliced lemon. Fish ‘n Chips in Australia
Another popular place for Fish ‘n Chips is Australia. The locals have thousands of shops dedicated to this dish and a bunch of varieties as well. It’s usually served with a big slab of deep-fried fish along with some chips, then you can enjoy it with a cold beer. You can also choose to add some sauces or garnish on the side.

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