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Family – Combo Sets

Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub: Family meals we offer

Trying to find set meals for your family to enjoy? Then, look no further! Here at Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub, we offer a wide range of food selection for you to choose from.

Get a chance to experience our one of a kind fish and chips meals that we provide for our valued customers. Moreover, Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub takes pride in its staff who are warm and friendly. Celebrate with your loved ones now by ordering the combo meals below!

Family Combo: $ 45.00 

  • 6 piece fish – Alaskan Pollock     
  • 6 piece of chicken strips
  • 3 orders of chips
  • 4 side dishes                           

Family Orders: 

  • 8 piece fish – Alaskan Pollock   $ 45.00  
  • 3 orders of chips
  • 4 side dishes                            
  • 8 piece fish – Halibut      $ 65.40
  • 3 orders of chips
  • 4 side dishes
  • 8 piece fish – Haddock            $ 63.40
  • 3 orders of chips
  • 4 side dishes

Mix & Match: $ 17.85

  • 1 piece fish – Alaskan Pollock   
  • 6 oysters/6 scallops/1 order of clam strips
  • 2 side dishes

Docherty’s Sea Basket: $28.60

  • 2 piece fish – Alaskan Pollock
  • 4 shrimp and 4 scallop
  • 4 oysters and chips
  • 3 side dishes

You can choose from these side dish items that we offer below:

  • Chips                    
  • Poutine              
  • Mushy peas       
  • Gravy or curry sauce    
  • Corn fritter                    
  • Onion rings                   
  • Large side salad           
  • Clam chowder bowl    
  • Chip shop pickled onions       
  • Deep-fried dill pickles

Order with us now

You can order our food by visiting our website at Make sure to fill out the forms and indicate the food and set that you want. We strictly advise that you place your orders two hours before your mealtime. 

Group orders can be ordered online as long as you give 24-hours’ notice. However, we recommend giving 48-hours’ notice during the weekend, for your order to be fulfilled safely. The website is filled with detailed images of the meals, so you can get a real feel for what you’re ordering.

Please note: We don’t accept rush orders here at Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub. Moreover, if you want to order for an event, you have to send us a notice a week before the actual date. 

Once you receive a confirmation for your order, you have to immediately settle your fees through bank transfer, credit and debit card, or online payments. Once your order is ready for delivery or pick-up, you cannot cancel or return the items.

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