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Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub: Our best menu items

Looking for some fried meals to snack on? Look no further, here at Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub, we offer a wide range of delicious menu items for you! 

With a commitment to offering food without using dangerous additives, rest assured that you will get your money’s worth here with us. We make sure to only serve quality materials and create each menu item with our customers’ well being in mind.

We’re proud to serve the finest ingredients here in Canada. So, what are you waiting for? Dine with us now at Docherty’s Fish ‘n Chips & Wee Pub! You can browse our menu below to find which item you like best. We also do deliveries so feel free to buy whatever you like without going out of your house.

Fish n’ chips

Rum battered fish and chips with coconut curry sauce

This Caribbean style dish is made up of rum battered fish, sweet potato fries, jerk onion rings and a delectable coconut curry sauce. If you are the type who likes to experiment with flavours, then this meal of fish n’ chips might be for you.

Beer battered fish and chips with peas

This traditional style of fish and chips are made up of beer-battered fish, salted potato fries and minted peas. You can’t go wrong with a classic. This is a perfect meal to enjoy with your family.

Baked fish and chips

This is one of the most popular dishes at a fish and chips pub. It is made up of beer-battered fish, salted potato fries, lemon and cucumber wedges.

Fish and sweet chip tacos 

A fun spin on a classic, this meal is made up of fish and tacos with sweet potato ‘chips’ that are delectable and full of crispiness! If you are someone who likes it sweet, then this meal is perfect for you! 

Fish burger and fries with lemon garlic mayo

This scrumptious meal is a great alternative for a home-cooked dinner! It is made up of battered fish, bun with garlic-lemon mayo and a pile of crispy shoestring fries.

Sheet pan fish and chips

This style fish and chips is made up of battered fish, salted potato fries and onion rings. This is a healthier alternative compared to other meals as it is not fried.

Polenta fish and chips

Similar to the classic, this polenta version is as crisp as it is tender. It’s slathered in tartar sauce making it a popular meal among our customers. This semi-traditional style of fish and chips are made up of beer-battered fish, salted potato fries and peas.

Fish and perilla chips with kimchi tartar sauce

Unlike other fish and chips, this has a blend of western and Asian flavours. This style of fish and chips are made up of beer-battered fish, salted potato fries and peas with a side of spicy kimchi tartar sauce.

Lemon herb-crusted fish with crispy oven chips

This herbaceous pan-fried fish is made up of beer-battered fish, salted potato fries and peas with a bit of an unsalted butter flavour. It is a healthier alternative on fish and chips and will leave you satisfied and feeling good.

Potato chip crusted baked sea bass

This is an amazing two-ingredient wonder made with just salt and vinegar. It is lighter than traditional dishes and is a healthier alternative that will leave you satisfied.

Potato chip crusted fish and chips with spicy cheese

This meal is made up of beer-battered fish, salted potato fries and peas with a bit of spicy blue cheese remoulade. If you’re a fan of cheese and want a bit of a kick in your meal, then this one’s for you.

Quinoa-crusted fish with sweet chips and yoghurt tartar sauce

Want to add nutritional ingredients to your fish? Then this meal is for you. This is made up of beer-battered fish, salted potato fries and peas with a coating of quinoa (which is known as a healthy ingredient).

Vegan (tofu) fish and chips

If you’re a health junkie and only want to eat vegetables, then try this wonderful alternative. This is made up of tofu, salted potato fries and peas. This is a delectable meal that even meat-eaters will enjoy.



A great fish and chips dish comes with a great drink to accompany it which is why we offer tea on our menu items. They are served strong and with plenty of sugar. This is a perfect partner for fish, with buttered bread and mushy peas for a delectable experience. This combination is especially satisfying during the cold season. 

If you’re not a big fan of tea, we also offer drinks such as: 

  • Hot chocolate
  • White or chocolate milk
  • Juice
  • Coffee 


While this is not a popular drink on our menu, it is one of the best beverages to partner with fish and chips. We recommend our crisp white or perhaps a fruity rose flavoured wine when eating our scrumptious meals.


Another favourite to have alongside this delicious dish is our beers! Ever tried fried beer-battered fish and chips? Then you are in for a treat. We highly recommend this heavenly pairing because there is simply nothing better on a sunny day than hearty fish and chips served with an ice-cold beer. Either way, cool lagers or light summer ales make excellent choices as well. 

Fizzy soft drinks

Last but not least, an old favourite of many is the classic fizzy soft drink. While a cold lemonade is one of the best accompaniments to a fish and chips meal. Nothing beats washing away that saltiness with a cold glass of a fizzy soft drink! Moreover, the best part is that there’s so much variety that there’s something for everyone.

Side dishes

Mushy peas & mint sauce

Mushy peas & mint sauce is a colourful combo that is enjoyed on its own with a spoon as much as on a plate with battered fish and chips. If you want to experience a variety of delectable tastes, then we recommend these sides for you.

Pea fritters

Another variation of mushy peas, pea fritters are balls of mushy peas deep-fried in batter. Perfect for health junkies, these fun fritters are delectable and delicious at the same time.

Pea wet

Similar to the other mushy peas, it is a leftover mushy pear juice that is typically used as a condiment and can be poured lavishly over your fish, chips or pie.

Baby’s head

While this side dish may sound weird on this list, ‘baby’s head’ is the name used in North West England for steak and kidney pudding. This side dish is a pie which consists of lamb or pig kidneys combined with diced beef and gravy, all encased in a delectable suet pastry.  This can be enjoyed with mash and gravy almost as much as fish and chips. Moreover, this pudding is always served upside down to live up to its strange but intriguing name.

Pizza crunch

The name itself is pretty much all you need to know about this side dish–it’s a slice of pizza deep-fried in batter. This is one of the popular items on the menu. 


One of the most popular fish and chips sides on our list, it is made from the bits of deep-fried batter that have fallen off the fish as it is being deep-fried. Commonly known as ‘bits’ in the south, ‘scrumps’, this product was historically given out as a free treat to the children of customers. Nowadays, many people can’t order fish and chips without a generous portion of scraps.

Yorkshire fishcakes

Yorkshire fish cakes are a whole fish and chips meal rolled into one golden-brown parcel. This side dish is well-loved by the customers as it packs many flavours in one bite.

Rag pudding

Rag pudding, also known as ‘rag pie’, is a side dish made out of minced meat, onions, gravy and suet pastry. The unique feature of this pudding is that it’s cooked in cheesecloth and baked in that gauze-like fabric used in cheese making. Due to its unique cooking method, this is a must-try dish for customers to have! 

Cilantro-lime coleslaw

Coated with ingredients like lime zest, rice vinegar, and sweet chilli sauce, this side dish gives the battered fish and chips the perfect blend! This is one of the go-to side dishes of health enthusiasts since it does not contain oil. This is perfect to balance out the taste of the fried fish.

Creamy cucumber salad

Creamy cucumber salads are one of the go-to side dishes, especially during summertime. With its refreshing taste, this is perfect to partner with fish and chips on a hot and sunny day.

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